Sleep in the scent of pure nature – in our Hayloft seasoned with roses and herbs

Also see impressions of our Studio and Apartment in our pr’Skminc gallery

HAYLOFT BOX  2 x 3 m

More pics from my grandparents‘ hayloft are up in 2D now!

The pr’Skminc Hayloft gallery with potential for different matchless events.

You’re looking for a unique location? What are you waiting for? Feel free to contact us ! Sunny greetings, Sabine

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hayloft pr'Skminc gallery

Hayloft gallery pr’Skminc

hayloft osb pr'Skminc

OSB connecting room between hayloft and hayloft terrasse pr’Skminc

hayloft pr'Skminc bath

Hayloft pr’Skminc entrance, with a 7-elements bathroom view

hayloft pr'Skminc main

Hayloft gallery pr’Skminc

The most important things are done. To enable a deep dive in hay and to enjoy a healthy sleep with all senses of roses and herbs the 2 x 3 meters hay-bed-box  is stuffed with freshest Slovene hay from my uncle’s farmland. You get refreshed in a stylish bathroom, get your breakfast prepared at the hayloft osb kitchen and are having a scented refreshment on our marvelous terrasse. Stay tuned.

Of course we also have other guest rooms, please sneak into the pr’Skminc gallery and check-out our new pics. Looking forward hearing from you 😉

Besides our popular apartment and studio we are about to open our treasure – sleep in our haybox seasoned with roses and herbs from our garden. We are located in the authentic and quiet historical protected village Bohinjska Bela, only 4 km from famous Lake Bled.

Our Hayloft ist still in progress-opening is very soon. Stay tuned.


These days it is the perfect weather to make hay. This is what the following pics want to tell you, drying gras, it is partly formed to cubes (serves as the mattress). The best part is the hay put on hayracks for some more time. This way the smell of wilde flowers and herbs get intensified. Exactly a big layer of this will Cover the cubes which will give you the chance to dive into healthy nature. 🙂



Nirgendwo in Europa liegen Alpen und Adria so nah beeinander wie in Slowenien.

Izola, coastal City at the Slovenian Riviera and the Julien Alps, pic by @Jost Gantar

izola alps sea



Bled, Slovenia


Ljubljana – the capital – only 30 minutes away by car

lj mage